Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency gives individuals the opportunity or ability to live and work in a region over a long period of time until they are able to get a citizenship status from that country.
This can either happen by investing or starting a business in these regions or a point based system(not every country adopts the point based system)

The point based system is considered to be the most fair basis of evaluation as candidates are not just evaluated based on financial worth but other great attributes they possess or have acquired. E.g, educational qualification, Work Experience, professional certifications, career achievements, age, Language proficiency, etc…

Canada and Australia has become the most popular destinations for applicants who want to migrate through the point based system.
While this method of Migration is one of the cheapest and most convenient, it’s one that requires strategic planning from the initial stage. Lack of a great plan and someone to hold you accountable to those plans has made some applicants waste time, effort and money.
Having a professional guide you as you go cannot be overemphasized, this saves you alot of unnecessary mistakes and pressure that could cost you your relocation abroad dreams.
At Peamev, you get the rare opportunity of receiving language and skill Trainings that will help boost your profile in the pool and also give you an edge in the job market as you migrate. We offer these for free either online or onsite to every applicant we assist on the point based system (permanent residency applications…Check our ‘special offers’ update for this)

Want to get started? Speak with one of our consultants today to evaluate your circumstance and give you the best customized advice for you to achieve your goals.

Send your updated resume to with subject as Permanent Residency Evaluation (state the country of your choice) we would evaluate for free and revert on your most suitable P.R route.