Tourist/Visit Visa

This category of visa gives you the opportunity to visit a country for the stated period of time.
At Peamev, we believe that moving from one region of the world to another for legitimate reasons should be something every human has to experience.
However, most countries require other nationals to pass through a procedure to determine their intent for seeking entrance into their country.Thus, the need to have a successful visa application.
Our passion to see all applicants get it right from their first visa application and not waste money paying extra visa fees drives us to pay extra attention to details knowing that no two applications are alike.
Convincing the Visa Officer that you will return to your home country is the back bone of a successful tourist visa application, this we aim to deliver for every application we handle.
Our years of experience in handling several applications has helped us know what should and would not work in different individual situation. The probability that we have seen an application similar to yours is very high thus we can guide you right so you don’t make blind or uninformed mistakes that can cost you your visa approval.
Remember, not just your finances are on the line, your emotions and high expectations should also be protected.

Let’s assist you with your tourist visa application today…