Tourist/Visit Visa

At Peamev, we believe that moving from one region of the world to another for legitimate reasons should be something every human has to experience.
However, most countries require other nationals to pass through a procedure to determine their intent for seeking entrance into their country. Thus, the need to have a successful visa application.
Our passion to see all applicants get it right from their first visa application and not waste money paying extra visa fees drives us to pay extra attention to details knowing that no two applications are alike.

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Study Visa

Peamev assists students with their school application process and visa application process to their choice destination.
We also provide professional advise on courses to take that are viable in different regions and also assist you with tips to settle in these regions.
Study visa applications are also very delicate and need to be intentionally planned for.
Our goal is to assist you enhance your chances of an approved student visa by applying the best practice.

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Visa Refusal Reviews and Appeal

Understanding that no system is perfect is important, same applies to the visa and immigration systems worldwide. While there are laid down guidelines visa officers must follow to approve or refuse applications, a visa applicant should know that human errors can come in during evaluation of documents by the Visa Officer (s).
You the applicant should not be made to suffer for this by going through the stressful process all over again and paying visa fees for a fresh application when you can request for a review or appeal (if you’ve been given the right to appeal)
We understand the frustration and heart break that comes with getting a refusal notice from the embassy thus assist you get a visa review or appeal (if you’ve been granted the right to appeal)
Have you received a refusal notice after submitting every necessary documentation demanded for? Reach out to us let’s look at your refusal again before going to pay another visa fee. We can help you get the visa approval you merit.

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Citizenship by Investment (Golden Visas)

If you are planning on expanding your business abroad, our consultants can help you navigate the transition. We deliver everything from taxation to business licenses and other permits as well as residency or citizenship in such countries.

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Permanent Residency

If you are planning on being granted the right to live in another country indefinitely, we deliver on these permits. Find out the arrays of countries where such opportunities are available. Peamev Consult and Travels Ltd. helps you through the entire process.

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Birth Tourism

We have helped families receive world-class medical attention in facilities around the world including Brazil, the USA, Canada, Ireland, etc. If you are looking at giving birth to your child in a country that offers not just great medicare but citizenship by birth.

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Visa Application Package Request

We are aware of the injustice fake visa agents mete on unsuspecting visa applicants.
We’ve over the years had to request for application packages from embassies before going on to correct a failed application because the first information given to any immigration body must be put into consideration before launching a fresh application.
We would assist you request for your complete application package from any embassy so you don’t get into a long term spiral of visa refusals due to conflicting information.
Reach out to us to assist you today.

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Medical Tourism

Our professionals can help you facilitate medicare, not available or inadequate in your home country, abroad. This medical travel includes securing a specialist appointment, hospitals, and visas.

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Investment/Start Up Visas

Our team has experience in guiding medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and investors through the process of start-ups or investment in fantastic destinations leading up to entry visas for such owners and their family.

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Trainings and Exam Registrations

We offer IELTS, TEF, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, PLAB, OSCE, I.T, PMP trainings and Exam Registrations online and off-site as applicable.

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